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We have a range of packaging options for your CD needs.

polypro sleeves

CD Polypro sleeves with flaps.
Crystal clear archival quality polypro sleeves holds disc or disc and booklet and features a 1 inch flap.

cd casesjewel cd cases

CD Jewel Cases
Super Jewel Box Standard One/Two - For : 1 or 2 discs(stackable)
Super Jewel Box Standard Fliptray - For : 2 discs (fliptray)
Super Jewel Box King One/Two - For : 1 or 2 discs(stackable)
Super Jewel Box King Fliptray - For : 2 discs (fliptray)
10mm CD Jewel Case(1-pcs)
10mm CD Jewel Case(2-pcs)
17mm CD Jewel Case(1-pcs)
17mm CD Jewel Case(2-pcs)
17mm CD Jewel Case(3-pcs)
24mm CD Jewel Case(2-pcs)
24mm CD Jewel Case(3-pcs)
24mm CD Jewel Case(4-pcs)
24mm CD Jewel Case(5-pcs)
24mm CD Jewel Case(6-pcs)
Slim Jewel Case, Black
Slim Jewel Case, White
Slim Jewel Case, Super Clear, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple
Mini Jewel Case A, Super Clear
Double PP Case, Black
Slim PP Case, Super Clear

packaging cd dvd

CD Mailers
This mailer is cost effective and easy-to-use. Coated white board construction, peel and seal to close and tear zip strip for easy opening.

CD Paper Sleeves
Holds single disc and graphic booklet
Requires 1/4 less space than standard jewel box.
Paper sleeve are very light weight and thin pack, which is a very good way to insert into a book or magazine pack. We can provide paper sleeve with window, without window and printing up to 4C for both 8cm and 12cm disc size per your request.

cd sleevescd sleeves

Using paper board we can create a lot of different sizes, designs for the disc pack. From regular open one-end 5” by 5” mailer to many panels for multi-disc pack.