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Grab your customers attention with a Business Card CD or DVD! Create a new marketing tool for your company using new or existing content! Business card CD/DVDs and Mini CDs offer a convenient way to transport data without the bulk and hassle of a standard sized CD/DVD. With a standard diameter of 3", these CDs make it easy to carry information regardless of whether it is a presentation, catalog, or even your personal resume. Business card CD's/DVD's are ideal for: Sales Catalogs Presentations Training Multimedia content.

business cards cd dvd

Business Card Basics. Don't be Caught without a Business or Calling Card. Networking is the process of meeting and maintaining contact
with persons who can provide information, referrals, leads,
support, or even money for your professional or career endeavor.
Whenever you are in the position to meet someone who could
become part of your network, it is a good idea to have your
contact information available in a format so you can
easily provide it to them. Our dvd/cd business cards provide the professional image you need to get your information across to your contacts.


business card